William Henry Floor Sample Sale

The advantage of being stuck at home with the kids jumping on the couch is that you get a moment to look around you and dream about all the things you want to clean up, clear out, swap out and exchange.  While you may have 20 things on your fantasy redecorate and remodel list, you may be able to get one or two accomplished this winter before the great floods of spring.

If you head over to William Henry you can check out some of their gorgeous new accessories and linens.  You’ll see things in a new light when you look up at some of their lighting fixtures.  And then…the piece de resistance:  floor models (well some of them at least) will be on sale!

You can even make a winter outing of it all.  Check out the sale at Marimekko as well.  Stop by Full Moon or Village Kitchen for dinner or lunch and get your kids a new pair of mittens to replace the solo mitten that is missing its significant other at Magic Beans while you’re at it.  Then stock up on milk, eggs, bread, and prepare for the next snow storm.   Pick up tomorrow’s dinner at Formaggio from their weekly dinner menu and head on home to shovel again!


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