New Neighbors With Style

Sit down, relax. (Photos by: Tina Sanchez)

The former Village Fitness space is now transformed, as only great design folk can, into the gorgeous William Henry and Half Crown shop.  I have always admired the rich, smooth wood of William Henry’s furniture when they were nestled next to Darwin’s but I think I only stepped in once for a closer look because at the time I was in the small “one bedroom, futon frame that barely stands up on its own” phase of my life.  Now, two moves and two children later, it might be time to step foot in such a shop for more than a closer look.

I think we’ve all been furniture shopping.  Ikea is great for some things.  Jordan’s Beantown is a perfect outing with the kids on a rainy or snowy dark day, but you don’t actually go for the furniture or maybe just a “place holder” items until you find the perfect piece.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on why furniture shopping can be as painful as going car shopping or to the mall on Black Friday until now.  Reading through the William Henry website I figured out why.  In a shop you are being sold a story by someone who is given a room of items to sell.  There are of course some very knowledgeable talented sales people here and there who do have more to offer, but more often then not a story is what you get.  When you buy furniture, a permanent (or somewhat permanent) fixture in your house that you will use every single day, you don’t need a story.  You need someone who knows each piece for its every curve.  You need designers not sales people.

(Photos: Tina Sanchez)

So if you don’t have a reason to or you just haven’t had a chance yet, here is a peek at some of the gorgeous designs that William Henry and Half Crown have to offer.  If you know what you want and you need to talk it though, then Alex and Jodi Robbins will be there to help walk you through the store or talk you through custom design work.

(Photos by Tina Sanchez)


One Response to New Neighbors With Style

  1. Myndi Carter says:

    You know how I love furniture and I now have a new favorite! We’ll have to go by for a visit!

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