Announcing the Annex

Raising a glass to Formaggio's new work/taste/learn space.

Formaggio Kitchen packs a whole lot into its little Huron Village shop with a cheese cave, a cheese wall and case, charcuterie, a decent wine selection, bakery section, a fridge and bins overflowing with fresh local fruit and veggies, shelves with spices, dry goods, grains, a dairy fridge, frozen section with ice creams, blini, and other goodies, not to mention the gamut of local and imported beer or seasonal goodies scattered throughout the store and then of course lunch, dinner, and beverages to go.

With a full staff working in every nook and cranny of Formaggio and every inch of shelves well stocked, Formaggio has a perfect balance of everything and anything one could want whether you are just making this week’s dinner and packing tomorrow’s lunch or if you drove in from NYC to track down that cheese you had one day in Italy.  Without taking away from Formaggio as it is, The Formaggio Kitchen Annex was just the next logical step to be able to offer just a bit more.

This month, The Annex made its début with a class, some staff gatherings, and of course an opening celebration.  The month began with a sold out inaugural class led by Steve Sando of Rancho Gordo on October 2nd.  One of the reasons behind the addition of the annex was to accommodate the growing demand and popularity of Formaggio’s classes and events.  The Annex is set up with a great “classroom” space overhead-mirrored workspace and all. A full kitchen is set up for classes and since the Annex is a designated space for educational workshops and private parties there will be more flexibility in terms of dates and times for such events.

The workspace adorned with cheeses, charcuterie, dried fruit, and condiments for the opening party.

The Annex is a 2,00 square foot space and is located in Smith Place in the general vicinity and tucked in behind Mohr & McPherson‘s warehouse space, Beyond Fitness Pilates, the Fayerweather Street School, the Kendall Confectionery Company, and Iggy’s Bread.  It is a bit tricky to find, but directions are well labeled for all classes and events.

Classes are held in style and are not just a mini lecture.  You will experience the passion that each person has for the subject they are presenting and there will be food to taste and drinks to sample (relative to the subject presented).

Upcoming classes and events at the Annex are as follows:

Saturday, October 30th (7pm)  Beer vs. Wine
For some, pairing food and drink is second nature, but for the rest of us it takes a little effort or some knowledgeable “food and drink mongers” to help us out.  Join Eric (Formaggio’s beer geek and BBQ master) and Adam (Formaggio’s Nerd du vin) for an evening of pairings.  Eric and Adam will pair their favorite wines and beers with an assortment of cheeses, condiments and perhaps a little BBQ.  Don’t get too comfortable though, because this is a battle of grain vs. vine, hops versus grape, bubbles against flat.  The evening of food and drink will finish with a vote to see who takes home top honors.  Eric may think he will win.  Adam is perhaps planning his victory.  In fact, I think the victory will be yours as a “student” in this fun and functional class.

Sunday, November 14th (3 p.m.)
Building a Better Cheese Plate

With Thanksgiving and the December holidays coming up why not enhance your entertaining repertoire?  We have one of the best cheese shops in the country and perhaps in the world in our neighbourhood.  Take advantage of their inventory and expertise to complete any festive meal with a piece de resistance.  The best part about a good cheese plate is that it takes very little time and effort to assemble, with the right guidance, and it will earn you so many “oohs”, “ahhs” and “mmmmms” while you raise a glass, sit down and indulge with your guests.

In addition to these classes, there will be a few offered at Formaggio Kitchen on Huron Ave.  For a full list of classes visit Formaggio Kitchen online or in person.




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