Halloween Full of Beans

Halloween is so much easier before they have much say!

By now you are probably on your third of fourth costume this week.  If you haven’t learned by now, it is safest to wait about 2 to 12 hours before Halloween to determine exactly what your child wants to be.  If they are still young enough to have a dress up box, chest, closet this is less of a problem.  If they are too young to have a good stock…don’t panic!  You have neighbours and neighbourhood stores to help you out.

If you are still looking for a costume, it is definitely worth posting on huronvillageparents or cambridgefamilies to see what “skeletons” are in the collective Huron Village closet.  Magic Beans also has plenty of costumes and accessories for Halloween.  If you really want to get creative or you need something for yourself, then Garment District is the place to go.  It is an experience that everyone must have at least once.

Magic Beans is taking care of us from the days before Halloween to the hours after when you just can’t handle one more sugar induced tantrum.  On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the Bean team will be offering 30% off on lots of their toys (I assume this includes Halloween themed toys too).  On Halloween there will be a silly band grab bag followed by a costume parade at 3:00 p.m.  Then…the icing on the cake…from November 1st to November 7th it is candy buy back time!


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