Shopping Huron Ave: Hyper Local Gift Guide

I am often reminded how wonderful our neighborhood is as I walk to get a coffee at Sarah’s Market, Hi Rise or Formaggio. The fall leaves are beautiful, the houses as unique and pretty as each different tree. But as I started to put this guide together I was really reminded that everything anyone could possibly want is right here!

For the family cat or dog and your favorite pet owner. Thus is a great place to find something for the animal lover in your family.


At J Miles you will find some great clothes to wear to all those upcoming holiday parties. There is a beautiful selection of jewelry of all styles that will appeal to young and younger (my 6 year old son begged for the stretchy bracelet). Many of the pieces are made by local artisans from gorgeous accessories, gloves, scarves and more.

(to be continued)



About City Living (Boston)

I am a writer and cook. I write about city living, travel, food, the arts and family. I raise my family in Cambridge & Boston and share tips for throwing cocktail parties, packing lunches, having fun on the weekend without going broke or losing your sanity.
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